Use of the Racing Whip in British Horseracing

Closes 6 Sep 2021


This consultation will be wide-ranging and will cover topics such as penalties for racing whip offences, and what defines acceptable use. 

The consultation will be open, allowing all interested parties to express a view, in line with the approach taken by government and other regulators. Final decision-making responsibility will rest with the BHA Board.

The BHA is keen to understand your thoughts and opinions on the "Use of the racing whip in British racing". Your responses are important as they will form part of the overall data collected.

The consultation questionnaire covers seven key sections including an oppoprtunity to get involved in the second phase of the process.

  • The racing whip in British Racing
  • Racing penalties
  • Disqualification of the horse if the racing whip rules have been breached.
  • Use of the racing whip for encouragement
  • The use of the racing whip internationally
  • Other considerations
  • Follow up to this consultation

The questionnaire should take approximately 20 minutes depending on responses and  the amount of optional additional written information you would like to submit. Progress can be saved and returned to at a later date. 

There is an option at the end of the consultation questionnaire to volunteer to participate in a Focus Group as part two of the racing whip consultation process.

Any questions please contact: 

You can only respond to the consultation once. The closing date for responses is the 6th September 2021.



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