Use of the Racing Whip in British Horseracing

Closed 6 Sep 2021

Opened 1 Jul 2021


As part of the Horse Welfare Board (HWB) strategic plan, A life well lived – a new strategic plan for the welfare of horses bred for racing 2020-2024, released on 20 February 2020, this public consultation is being conducted by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA). Looking to establish potential policy reforms relating to the use of the racing whip and any associated rules and/or regulatory changes. This consultation aims to gather and assess the viewpoints of industry/non-industry stakeholders and the wider public, in line with the recommendations of the HWB strategy.

For more details of the HWB Strategy please use the following:

Horse Welfare Board Strategy 2020

The BHA Board has accepted all the recommendations from the Horse Welfare Board’s 2020 strategy “A life well lived”, including that an open consultation should take place on the rules around acceptable use of a racing whip when race riding, and the penalties for misuse.

Consultation privacy policy

Thank you for taking the time to complete this consultation.

Why your views matter

The BHA  is consulting to ensure the views of the racing industry and members of the wider public are taken into consideration.

What happens next

The Formal Consultation will be divided into two phases. The first phase will encompass an open engagement with industry participants, non-industry stakeholders and wider public audiences through this online consultation. This phase of the formal consultation will remain open for ten weeks. During the ten-week period, Focus Groups will be conducted and scheduled as identified from the responses to the questionnaire.  

In the second part, a series of Focus Groups will be conducted by an experienced moderator from the market research agency Trinity McQueen. They will further assess viewpoints and gather qualitative data obtained during the initial phase.

The Project Team will provide periodic updates to industry bodies. 

The analysis and recommendation process of the consultation will be carried out by the BHA in collaboration with a Steering Group (SG). The SG members and other relevant individuals will also be engaged during this period in order to ensure any specific recommendations have been discussed with the parties who will be most affected by any changes. Once any recommendations are approved by the BHA Board the implementation process will commence.  


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